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Crimp Plus fittings are manufactured with an overall barb and crimp ring length that is longer than many of it’s competitors. This adds to the integrity of each joint. All Gas Plus fittings are manufactured and tested to fully comply with AS 4176. Gas Plus Fittings Dimensions Nom Size Mean Bore (mm) 16mm 8.5 20mm 11.0 25mm 14.2 32mm 20.0Get price

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Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. A well-insulated and well-designed home provides year-round comfort, cutting cooling and heating bills by up to half. This, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.Get price

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Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 Contents page iv Consolidation 1d 304. Appliances not to be connected to gas supply for mobile engines 41 Division 4 — Fitting lines and fittings 41 401. Fitting lines and fittings 41 402. PVC fitting lines 41 405. Pressure holding capability of consumer’s gasGet price

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Established in 1985 with a manufacturing base in South Australia at Melrose Park, it services a large variety of projects, customers and industries Australia wide. Industrial Gaskets also exports its products to many overseas countries such as New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE.Get price

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Welcome to our online store where you can purchase quality specialist LPG and Natural Gas equipment. Our Company was founded in Brisbane in 1972 and today we have warehouse facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Masterton, New Zealand.Get price

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The answer to the first question: Australia’s epidemic of inadequate (or nonexistent) home insulation. The answer to the second: improved home insulation. While this practice is almost universal in America and Europe, Australian homeowners are often surprised to learn that a well-insulated home is the key to lower electricity bills – orGet price

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Alignment Eliminator Coupling. We are Australian distributor for Thompson Couplings which are a unique coupling that can be defined as an alignment eliminator coupling. The coupling requires little or no maintenance with an easy and quick installation. The couplings are reliable and durable across a broad range of industries and applications.Get price

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and 131 nautical miles West South West, of the Port of Dampier in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The Port of Ashburton and the Port of Onslow share a common port boundary. The Wheatstone Project consists of two Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Trains, a domestic gas processing plant, Condensate processing facilities, supporting utilities, LNG andGet price

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Oct 13, 2020 · LPG gas bottle location regulations state that ignition sources clearance must be kept a minimum safe distance (1.5m or 3.5m) from the home LPG gas bottle installation. It is very important that the gas installation positioning meets the applicable Australian Standards including the LPG gas bottle location regulations.Get price


Ductile iron insulating coupling with insulating boot. Insulating boot prevents electrolytic action by isolating one pipe from another. Nominal Sizes 4 - 14 inches. Working Pressure Up to 260 psi. Pipe Compatibility Steel, cast iron and other types of metallic pipeGet price

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Gas Fittings Accessories - Caravan RV Gas Fittings Accessories. Unfortunately the Mean Mother DC to DC Charger i purchased was faulty. Outback Equipment went above and beyond , they paid the return postage, had the charger checked, then gave me the option of a new unit or a refund.Get price

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Buy Gas Hoses and Fittings online - BCF is Australiatop retailer of boating, camping and fishing equipment and stocks thousands of items available online and over 100 stores nationwide.Get price

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Compare our Full Range of Home Caravan Gas Fittings. Australias Favourite Online Shop for RV Accessories and Spare Parts. Shop for Over 7,000 Caravan AccessoriesGet price

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Victaulic is a global manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining methods (fittings couplings), flow control and fire protection systems and is the inventor of the grooved pipe coupling. We build innovative technologies and provide engineering services that address complex piping challenges faced by engineers, contractors, distributors, siteGet price

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Dec 20, 2017 · Generally, climates that need to keep the heat in require higher R-Values. Insulation in Zones 1 and 2 typically require an R-Value of 3 or 4 while properties in zones 3 to 7 will require an R-Value of at least 5. Those in the freezing alpine areas of Australia require insulation with at least an R-Value of 6.Get price

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Gastite provides corrugated stainless steel gas piping for propane and natural gas in commercial and residential applications. Gastite cuts labor cost when installed by a trained Gastite installer.Get price

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Insulating glass (IG) consists of two or more glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.A window with insulating glass is commonly known as double glazing or a double-paned window, triple glazing or a triple-paned window, or quadruple glazing or a quadruple-paned window, depending upon how many panes of glass areGet price

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Copper plumbing systems have historically been the most commonly used in Australia. Many of these systems are now approaching 60 years old, and most show little sign of ageing. Copper resists corrosion very well, and is ideal for carrying both hot and cold water, as well as gas. Up until recently, copper pipes were connected with soldered fittings.Get price

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Insulation used in the construction of Flexible Duct All insulated flexible duct must have insulation tested to AS 4859.1 2002 inc 2006 ammendments (ASTM 653C) as low density fibrous insulation. Installation of Flexible Duct Additional air, mechanical and vapor sealing of a flexible duct to a collar.Get price

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StandardsMaterialsGasketsGenderCommon Piping and Plumbing FittingsDrain-Waste-Vent (DWV) and Related FittingsHydraulic FittingsConnection MethodsExternal LinksStandard codes are followed when designing (or manufacturing) a piping system. Organizations which promulgate piping standards include: 1. ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1.1. A112.19.1 Enameled cast-iron and steel plumbing fixtures standards 1.2. A112.19.2 Ceramic plumbing fixtures standard 2. ASTM International: American Society for Testing and Materials 3. API: American Petroleum Institute 4. AWS: American Welding Society 5. AWWA: American Water Works Association 6. MSS: Manufacturers Standardization Society 7. ANSI: American National Standards Institute 8. NFPA: National Fire Protection Association 9. EJMA: Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association 10. CGA: Compressed Gas Association 11. PCA: Plumbing Code of Australia Pipes must conform to the dimensional requirements of: 1. ASME B36.10M: Welded and seamless wrought-steel pipe 2. ASME B36.19M: Stainless-steel pipe 3. ASME B31.3 2008: Process piping 4. ASME B31.4 XXXX: Power piping The B31.3 and B31.4 codes have r...Get price

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You can choose a gas stove, gas cooktop, gas cooker or a gas oven. Gas Cooktop Sizes. Gas cooktop sizes can vary from single burner widths of 300mm to 360mm to much larger units of up to 1,500mm that include hotplates or extra burners. The two most common gas cooktop sizes are 600mm and 900mm.Get price

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Oct 01, 2000 · The insulation reduces the lateral stiffness of the spacer, which may limit the operating speed of the coupling. For more on insulated couplings, call Michael Calistrat at 281-437-4656 begin_ofGet price

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1/2 in. MIP x 1/2 in. MIP x 60 in. Gas Connector (5/8 in. O.D.) w/ Safety+Plus2 Thermal Excess Flow Valve (107,000 BTU) BrassCrafts Safety+PLUS2 gas connector combines BrassCrafts Safety+PLUS2 gas connector combines patented excess flow technology and thermal heat activation with the advanced corrosion resistance, to provide a safer gas connector for your home and family.Get price

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All MIJ fittings undergo an electrical resistance and voltage test prior to shipping. Is completely weld inspected. All MIJ fittings undergo a weld inspection with combinations of ultrasonic (UT), magnetic particle (MT) and dye penetrant (LT) on all welds. In addition, X-ray tests can be conducted upon request.Get price

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Feb 28, 2017 · Dielectric Unions - Copper to Steel Pipe POST a QUESTION or COMMENT about the requirement for using dielectric (dieelectric or diaelectric if misspelled) fittings when connecting copper to steel piping in buildings and the requirement for a jumper wire across dielectric fittings when grounding a plumbing system.Get price

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Jul 11, 2017 · Natural gas is among the least expensive and most efficient ways to fuel a furnace or boiler. Along with its advantages come safety concerns and responsibilities for homeowners. As a home inspector, it is your job to help identify deficiencies that can compromise the safety of occupants in homes using natural gas.Get price

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Shop the full range of Conex Banninger B Press fittings at any Reece store. For more than 100 years, Conex Banninger has been the leader in plumbing fittings globally. You can even pick up your B Press tool and jaws at your local branch. Our full range of copper pipe fittings available in all sizes can purchased in store or online.Get price

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Cambridge Foam Insulation Tape 30-ft Length x 2-in Width x 1/8-in Thickness, Black; Insulates Hot and Cold Pipes and for Weather Stripping or Soundproofing 4.8 out of 5 stars 7 $10.00Get price