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cathodic protection currents. Style 39 couplings can be virtually used on all sizes of gas and oil pipelines, and can be supplied with insulating features on both ends if required. Style 39 Insulating Couplings Style 39 Insulating Couplings Sizes and Specifications for Steel Pipe For insulation and electric isolation Approx. DimensionsGet price

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Insulating Coupling. Provide dielectric protection from electrolytic corrosion at all points where piping of dissimilar metals are joined (copper to steel, etc.) Couplings are lined with an inert, non-conductive, linen-impregnated laminate material and threaded to NPS standards with sufficient separation between pipe ends to prevent “bridging”.Get price


an insulating boot. CASTINGS: End Rings and Center body are cast from duc-tile (nodular) iron, meeting or exceeding ASTM A 536. GASKET: NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) compounded for water and sewer service, also good for hydrocarbons and other oils. FINISH: Galvanized MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS MADE IN U.S.A. IC501 INSULATING COUPLINGGet price

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Access Doors Outlet Boxes Closures, Sealants Insulation Construction Accessory Products Crossovers Drainage and Plumbing Products Drill Bits Sockets Fasteners Flashing Products Hose Clamps Pedestal Paver Supports Pipe Equipment Supports Plates Washers Roof Access Hatches Safety Products Solar Products Pipe Strut Fittings, Brackets Accessories Tools Tool Accessories TerminationGet price


Ductile iron insulating coupling with insulating boot. Insulating boot prevents electrolytic action by isolating one pipe from another. Nominal Sizes 4 - 14 inches. Working Pressure Up to 260 psi. Pipe Compatibility Steel, cast iron and other types of metallic pipeGet price

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We create this barrier or gap, by a NON- conductive material or sometimes by air. This is usually incorporated in the form of a gasket into a union, coupling or flange. Or we may use a ‘monolithic’ type insulator that creates a gap between two sections of pipe, surrounded by a fiberglass shield. Installing an Insulating CouplingGet price

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Insulated Meter Unions (3 piece) - 3 Piece Unions are used to prevent electrolysis or other corrosive action in gas service lines. They are resistant to most chemical substances, including gas, water and petroleum oils at normal temperatures. All Engineered gas fittings are produced to the following specifications:Get price

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Shop a large range of insulated coupling at MSC Industrial Supply. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship today!Get price

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PROTECH™ Integrated Furnace Control Board Internet Explorer users may experience issues using our website. This browser is no longer under active development by Microsoft and has been replaced by Edge.Get price

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Protech Plumbing and Gas Fitting Inc. is a Calgary based business which specializes in natural gasfitting, the supply and installation of gas appliances, and general plumbing. We have been in business in Calgary since 1982.Get price

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Product Features: Style 39 Insulating Dresser Coupling follow the same basic design as the Style 38, but have insulating properties. Style 39 is ideal for industrial applications for water lines where electrical isolation is needed. Besides being used for tank hook-ups, intake or discharge lines and pumping stations, Style 39 Dresser Coupling are also widely used on gas service lines.Get price

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Smith-Blair MAXI-GRIP® EZ-W™ Restraint Couplings for water service are designed with push on gaskets and engineered to simplify installation, restrain the pipe joint and ensure a tight seal. EZ-W Couplings can be used to connect IPS PE to steel pipes 1" through 12" diameters and ductile iron to IPS PE, PVC or steel pipe, 3", 4", 6", 8" and 12".Get price

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With the Style 90 insulating coupling, a full length body insulator, together with the insulating gasket, effectively isolates the insulating end of the coupling from the pipe. The body insulator also facilitates instal-lation of the coupling and aids correct reassembly if the coupling is disassembled. A high resistance, gas-tightGet price

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The Flange Insulation Gasket Kit is the most widely used form of controlling losses due to corrosion. Flange Insulation Gasket Kits can be used to control stray electric currents in piping at oil, gas, water, refinery, and chemical plants to increase the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems and confine or eliminate electrolytic corrosion.Get price

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Natural Gas Restraining Solutions Smith-Blair joint restraints provide a quick and easy way to restrain valves, pipe, bells and fittings for the gas and oilfield businesses. Smith-Blair stringently tests all of its products for these markets to provide levels of strength, durability and efficiency that meet or exceeds suggested industry standards.Get price

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Feb 24, 2020 · Gas Pipe Protection from Corrosion Protect metallic gas pipe in an approved manner if exposed to corrosion. Use factory-applied protective coatings on metallic gas piping and fittings. Use insulating couplings or fittings when joining dissimilar metals underground.Get price

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Exhaust Coupling 1; Exhaust Hood Assembly 1; Exhaust Transition 1; Fan Blade 19; Field Controls 2; Filter 4; Filter Base 3; Filter Clip 1; Filter Drier 8; Flame Sensor 6; Flashing 1; Flue Box Assembly 3; Foam Sealant 1; Foam Spray 1; Freeze Stat 1; Front/Rear Shield 1; Furnace Bottom 1; Furnace Door Kit 1; Furnace Panel 2; Fuse 2; Gas HeatGet price

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To this end, according to one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a device for bus coupling between enclosed switchboards with an insulating gas sealed therein, comprising: a...Get price


Romac Insulating (IC) Boots effectively stop electrolytic action by physically and electrically isolating one pipe from the other. Romac 501 couplings meet the specifications set forth in the AWWA Standard C219 coupling spec. When properly installed on a pipe that is within the correct outside diameter range, couplings in the Romac StyleGet price

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Oct 01, 2000 · The insulation reduces the lateral stiffness of the spacer, which may limit the operating speed of the coupling. For more on insulated couplings, call Michael Calistrat at 281-437-4656 begin_ofGet price

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Insulation of Piping. Piping plays a central role in many industrial processes in chemical or petrochemical installations such as power plants, as it connects core components such as appliances, columns, vessels, boilers, turbines etc. with one another and facilitates the flow of materials and energy. To guarantee a correct process cycle, the condition of the media within the pipes must remain within the set limitations (e.g. temperature, viscosity, pressure, etc.).Get price

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An acetal plastic spacer at the center of these couplings insulates bearings, encoders, and other shaft components from stray electric current. Use them with servomotors, which sometimes generate current that travels down the shaft and can damage circuit boards, interfere with readings, and cause wear on bearing raceways.Get price

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Insulating joint is the upgrading proudtcs of insulated flange As the insulated flange have problem during the usage. insulating joint is the essential main pressured parts widely used in the Steel pipeline cathodic protection system. Our insulating joint adopt the forming which let the insulated parts and sealing materials inside with sleeve pipe .Get price

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Shannon Thermal Blanket Systems are now offered for the purpose of energy savings on steam valves and fittings. The Shannon Thermal Blanket is a high quality insulation, custom-fit to match gate valves, pressure reducing valves, flanges, strainers, steam traps, heat exchanger heads, boiler heads, PRV stations, condensate pumps and similar equipment.Get price

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ProTech Flow Solutions is a privately owned, UK based company with headquarters in Cambridgeshire. Is a global supplier and stockist of Valves to Oil and Gas, EP, Petrochemical, Power, Utility and Industrial markets and has the expertise to work with you to deliver the right solution for your individual needs.Get price

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Insulation Couplings provide dielectric protection from electrolytic corrosion at all points where piping of dissimilar metals are joined (copper to steel, etc.). Couplings are designed for use in water piping with Hydrostatic Pressure up to 300 psi and temperatures up to 225F.Get price

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Wal-rich 2815810 - 2" IPS Style 90 Gas Meter Compression Dresser Coupling for Steel Pipe - 2" IPS Style 90 Gas Meter Compression Dresser Coupling for Steel Pipe Features: Insulating sleeve and spacer to conform to local codes Seal Only--no restraintGet price

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of monitoring stations in natural gas pipelines, the fittings interrupt cathodic current flow while permitting full fluid flow. The fitting design is unique in that it separates the two primary functions of electrical insulation and fluid containment. Thermoplastic insulators provide high dielectricGet price

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Insulated; Tools; Curb Valves Boxes . Ball; Solid Tee Head; Mark II Oriseal ® Insulated; Curb Boxes; Accessories Equipment; Copper Meter Setters . Horizontal Inlet Outlet; Vertical Inlet Horizontal Outlet; Vertical Inlet Outlet; Straight Line Inlet Outlet; Couplings, Flanges Tools; End Connections; Iron Meter Yokes . Check ValvesGet price